October 22, 2019

Modern Day Ghostbusters

We live in an age like no other–everything changes so very quickly. You don’t need Auntie to tell you this, but it seems that it’s ever so easy to be rude or uncaring when using an electronic device. it’s something to think about when dealing with human beings—which includes just about every interaction we have—so that means we must be extra vigilant at all times.

To start clearing up those murky waters of communication, here’s Auntie Jodi’s Helpful Hint #250:

Despite the wonders of our electronic age, Auntie has found that the best way to clear up issues of small or great import is via a real-time, live, in-person exchange. Nothing—not email, nor text messages, nor flowery prose can take the place of a heartfelt and honest conversation with your significant other or sworn enemy. But just in case this tête-à-tête leads to yet another confrontation, make sure you have your attorney and/or pistol at the ready.

Of course Auntie jokes about having a weapon handy—but really, from what Auntie has seen, so very much nastiness is accepted in texts, email, and website posts, that some people seem to need help in defending themselves—polite retorts are sometimes not enough.

Then there’s the growing issue of “ghosting”—the reaction of the spineless who just walk away, never to be heard from again. Of course Auntie has a Helpful Hint (#119) for that:

Find that your phone calls are not being returned, your text messages are being missed, or you’ve been dropped, perhaps even un-friended by an acquaintance or long-time pal? No need to worry yourself about this ungrateful lout: if anyone leaves your inner circle without explanation, they need to look long and hard into a mirror. Only a coward leaves a relationship, soirée, or government appointment without at least a nod, handshake, or filing of a formal complaint.

Darlings, some dear ones call this “closure,” but Auntie just calls it “polite.” Truth is, whether you believe it or not, what goes around really does come around. So why not go back to the polite ways of the past and bring gracious back into fashion? Auntie bets that not only will you end up with loads more of real friends in real life—you’ll also be a happier person.

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