September 22, 2019

Maher Hathout: ‘What we say and don’t say’

Over the weekend, Maher Hathout, one of the leaders of inter-faith dialogue in Los Angeles and the titular head of the Muslim community died. He succumbed to cancer at the City of Hope.

Last fall, this “>op/ed he co-authored with Salam al Marayati in The Wall Street Journal. As we wrote at the time,

The op/ed is as straight forward and unambiguous a statement of principles as one could ask for. It is courageous and could cost them support within their community; support they are, clearly, willing to lose in order to assert what they believe.

Community Advocates has communicated our admiration to al Marayati and Hathout and received a warm acknowledgment with the observation that “It needed to be said.” Salam and Maher had the courage to say what “needed to be said” and should be applauded for it.

Although Community Advocates had been