December 12, 2018

Top toys for baby boomers

The kids have finally moved out, and retirement is on the horizon — it’s time you spoiled yourself with a few must-have toys. Whether your idea of luxury is never having to mow the lawn again or being able to pursue your favorite hobby, technology has ushered in a new era of gadgets and goodies just for you.

1. Although a self-mowing lawn has yet to be invented, there is a robot that can do all the work for you. The ROBOMOW RM400 ROBOTIC LAWN MOWER ($1,699.99) is fully programmable: You can schedule your mows at regular intervals, set the height of the lawn, and then let the robot roam. It even comes back to its base when the task is finished. Did we mention it senses rain and waits until the weather is fair to do its job?

2. With the KINDLE DX ($299) by Amazon, your search for a book that adjusts to your eyes is over. The nearly 10-inch tall, glare-free display on this e-reader has eight adjustable text sizes. It also holds up to 3,500 e-books at once, so your entire library can go wherever life takes you.

3. If you fondly remember the flickering family films of your childhood, why not try to recreate them with the STOP MOTION CAMERA KIT ($135) from Uncommon Goods? The camera uses 35mm film and a hand crank to speed up or slow down the film as you shoot. And yes, you can always digitize your creations with the accompanying smartphone adapter.

4. Sometimes, nothing will quench your thirst quite like an ice-cold soft drink. Impress your family and guests with homemade pop thanks to the GENESIS SELTZER STARTER KIT ($99.95) by Israeli company SodaStream. Turn regular tap water into your favorite sodas while keeping excess waste out of landfills. This kit comes with a soda maker and 12 different soda mixes.

5. Getting older is not an excuse to stop playing. The MICROSOFT XBOX 360 KINECT STARTER BUNDLE ($419.96) is a motion-sensing videogame system that adapts to your movements in a variety of games. From dancing to table tennis, you’ll have everything you need to satisfy your sports streak. The bundle comes with an Xbox 360 game console with Kinect, games “Kinect Sports” and “Dance Central,” and an HDMI audio/video cable to attach to your TV.

6. Don’t let your boxes of vinyl continue to gather dust. THE LP AND CASSETTE TO CD/DIGITAL CONVERTER ($449.95) from Hammacher Schlemmer not only plays your favorite 33s, 45s and 78s, but it also allows you to digitize your records and cassettes. The player comes with built-in speakers and an AM/FM radio, as well as two RCA inputs to attach to your home sound-system.