December 17, 2018

Transcend dance

may you be grounded in the forest of
being kissed by your own hands and head
blessing blessing
The breath of the endless.
The touch of a nothing.
the meaning of melting
The heart that is still.

I HAVE NOTHING TO PLAY. my own heart
gives up, and underneath is the place we are inside.
and there are flowers whose petals transcend their own wombs.

and more light love shines through; she’s singing with light.
and more comes to include the love that is golden; has made
room for your view and yet she transcends what is not yet here
water engraved in her
we are switching names. take hope to a river so she can transform her
to prove faith in nothing- no concept of love
except i keep inviting the you that is here—to make me your home….

I am all empty
so full of what knows you
so we can transcend it by hoping
higher is higher
open by nature
the sweet smell of flowers
their pollen their powers
are ecstatic inviting
their very own selves

are extra inviting to their very own selves
are you surprised that love has to know you and wait for your answer when she comes to tell you that you are their one.

Are you surprised when love comes a knocking to tell you that you are the one who’s inside? and you have transcended your love just through talking through filling her love to
seeing the leaves and notice the light inside of the living
is just like the light inside of the heart.
and all I am outside is all I am inside
and all that’s about me is always without me.

And All I am to you will always allude you if it won’t include you I’ll move you
I’ll find you one day so deep in the forest of songs
that are fingers with rings and melodies too BIG to feel
Just know that they hold you
You know them- they now true.

But what is so known seems to be said.
love is so known, it is seamless yet sown.
within this our home is outside our door
Yet you are inside me, so the truth is come see me
and laugh or come be me.
and pretend you are home.

How deeply is this prayer for peace, she is swollen
and harbors the whole universe.
She would have to love all the way she
spins up her spine I have her my smiles
I give her my love.
My mind is the world spilling from outside
space that is including the white as a cloud
blue as the waters that know all their daughters are mermaids
who do true true I hid in transcendence until I was able to name myself.
that the world is a healer so large that the sounds does not let me see
but I would break into pieces
if i knew the movement or i knew her dance
if i let her move me
i know she would soon see how open our hearts could change
the whole world by bringing her….
wingless as saturdays
that do not wear faces
masks that give back the masks they thought they were given.

but there’s a real definition that does not remember
the mode to create
of song do not create do not forget enough to make remembrance
if what is
must come down
be herself, be not
I do not know and yet
I want to know
more than what…
all i want to know is what you transcend
To know the what we live in
in the very thing we are
not transcending
that is not a coincidence
we meet inside a transcending you
a me that is hardly faceless
from the inside… I am you. The outside is transcending peace
our place of residence
called home called where we were in the moment of saying not….

lover, be yes to all senses to define the unreal
to enliven the already transcended you.
he who touches whose touch inside me is outside is all the answers you want are transcending the idea that they themselves
are carpets without out clouds.
that hold them the tree branches dangling from a world that knows limits are letting them touch the limitless ocean
who names herself ocean.
to only find limits created don’t finish the wholeness of living you say let me
you know it’s we who
again, thinking that you are inside me
gives the impression of wanting and something we are do not stop and do not change and do not do the same thing ever t touch is you moving me as wild as thought.
as wingless as moon
suspended by seeing
is not believing I understand me lets see if i can
forget to remember that forgetting remembers what you are.
that all form died to forget the memory of magic
was only a name that feels like a promise.
because my love is collected in a jar that is endless
and will someday transcend me
Time was not wasted

But never existed.

I speak of authenticity
that is only a word
it’s not what i said
it’s more what was heard.
more like what you heard.

jump through leaves
just into the leaves
and feel yourselves in waves
washing nothing away.

i am washing nothing clean so that what is seen
can be seen.
see that what is unseen is also felt….
is more real

love is in the house

Inside is outside
and my life is your life and your eyes are your

to see yourself.
and my own is not mine and this is in no time
so timeless that time cannot know herself.

plant your feet in love.

there are no stings attached
there is nothing for
me to attach to.