September 18, 2019

THAT Taharah: Dying to Serve & Serving to Live

[Editor’s note: Most of the entries in this blog focus primarily on the deceased, or on the mourners, because that is the nature of the mitzvah. Here we are given a view of how the work of the Chevrah Kadisha impacts those who engage in this particular aspect of our human dance with death – how life changing, and life-affirming it can be.

NOTE: This article is factual and correct. The name of the author and a few of the details have been changed to protect the privacy of the author. The contents may be disturbing or difficult for some readers. — JB] 

The hell that is depression has haunted me for over twenty years; severe clinical depression and anxiety was the original diagnosis. It took nearly ten years of therapy and countless medication combinations to get me to the point where I became a functioning individual. Even today, doctors still tinker with different dosages to try and boost my mood; I have good days, even weeks, but eventually clouds of darkness return. What’s different is that I have the skills to recognize when they’re present and dig myself out of the hole before being swallowed up.

Everyone’s experience with depression is different, but in my case, as I’m sure for many other sufferers, there were periods of despair so deep that living seemed to be too much. Suicide, unfortunately, is the ‘answer’ for many. I never attempted it, but I certainly ideated about what life for others would be like without me. And that’s the insipid nature of this disease; it doesn’t just plunge one into periods of extended despair, it maligns how one sees the world through non-reality based thinking.

So as someone who ritually prepares the dead for burial — and on a fairly regular basis — I have derived some therapeutic benefit from being part of a community Chevrah Kadisha. I know what death looks, feels, and smells like, and while others might come away with a renewed sense of spiritual fulfillment, it’s different for me. Death, or what I felt it might be like in my life, took on a real sense of perplexity. People who died of old age didn’t really impact my sensibilities since they had lead (or one might imagine so) a full life, and their time had come. But a Taharah for someone my own age always invokes the feeling of “There but for the grace of G-d”. Tragic, yes, whatever the circumstances, when someone dies ‘before their time’. But for someone who still sometimes had views that the world might be better off without me, such encounters serve as reality checks.

Situations in life often serve as beneficial incidents towards improvement and recovery from depression or depressive episodes. My condition has never stopped me from working or performing with our Chevrah Kadisha, but one Taharah in particular served to finally rid me of suicidal ideation.

I received the text message to come one stormy evening, the freeway rain-swept and covered with blown palm fronds. There were two Taharot that evening, one for an older individual, and another for a young one. The first Taharah was, like so many others, respectful, incident free, and almost mechanical in its precise execution. The second was for a young individual who had committed suicide by jumping from a structure to the parking lot below.

None of us had any warning this was the case. Unzipping the body bag revealed the devastating effects of the jump; the crushed, mangled corpse of someone driven by despair, by thoughts or circumstances that I, too, have probably experienced. But to see the devastating effects of suicide laid so bare confronted me with demons I fought so hard to fight back. “This could have been me”.

The details of this person’s condition are too graphic to detail, but the shock of seeing them was life changing. When I have my infrequent boughts of dark visions and I’m able to climb out of them, I no longer envision a world without me. Suicide is inherently selfish, and thinking about what I would have done to others always kept my ideations in check. But seeing what others would see has ‘cured’ me of these thoughts.

We who do this work are often affected by it. Some are drawn closer to something; be it G-d, religion, some inner form of spiritual renewal, or life in general. In my case, on that night, it was life . . . not life in general, but my own life, and its value to others.


Author’s Name & Bio Withheld by request [Ed.]







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