November 21, 2019

Passover: Beyond Enlightenment

If we were to really know what we knew in Egypt, 
that's enlightenment: God is everything. 
Pharoah's hardened heart was the work of God.
The bounty of the earth through plagues: God.
them and Us: the way the script goes.
The words Moses speaks: Divinity takes care of it, he is a mouthpiece.

Everything and anything.

In Egypt we were enlightened. 
Why is this not Freedom?

What is it to awaken to this freedom?

To enter into doing from the being.

Halacha is beyond enlightenment.  It's the law that  is natural in being of enlightenment.  🙂 

Our Quantum Leap, The sea splitting, our walk, the gift of action.

Movies should begin with enlightenment and go from there.
All love stories where the end is the beginning.
Happily ever after now. and then…. and then