September 18, 2019

Hidden Lessons

By Lance Wright

Yesterday I attended a memorial for a past client who had fallen back into the struggle with his inner demons and sought relief through a substance. It was emotional to see the family’s grief and know that their loved one wouldn’t be coming home again. The priest spoke of the journey to the other side, and yet all that weighed on my heart and soul were those who shared about his life and what he meant to each of them. From his early years growing up we saw photos of the holidays, school, girlfriends, and so much more. The lives he touched were amazing and the warmth and kindness of his soul were evident in each tear shed, each heartfelt word spoken.

Sometime during the service I was struck by that inner voice that asked, “What would my family say if it were me being memorialized today? What legacy would I have left behind?” I cried then thinking of the hurt and sadness they would feel, and I cry now in writing this. I would want my loved ones and friends to know I love them and cherish all the experiences I have with them, of how special they are to me. Perhaps this experience is a gift for not only myself, but for you the reader as well. We still have the opportunity to say and do these things, to overcome past hurt and or bitter experiences, to forgive…to honor those closest to us while we still have them.

Are there friends and family we have estranged ourselves from, are there those we think of often but just can’t find the time to reach out to them? I can only speak for myself, but I will be reaching out to many this week for I want those I care about to know I love them, no matter what. ☺ As we enter the New Year we have a gift to give and receive. May the Creator guide each of our hearts now and in the coming year.