February 25, 2020

Parents Weekend

Last week was like any other except it was the week I was going to stay at my boyfriend's parents house for the weekend.  It wasn't the first meeting.They had visited us in Los Angeles a few months prior and we had had a great day of activities (please see Meet the Steingarts). 

However, this was the week that the boyfriend decided to fall so ill that he could not move from his bed or talk besides to utter dramatic questions like “Liv, my throat hurts so bad.  Do you think I will ever feel better again?” and “How do I get rid of this headache? Please tell me.”  I made him dinner one night and got a hint of a smile but in general I felt like I was dating a zombie.  By Friday my anxiety was through the roof.  How would I get along with his parents without his good humor?

On Friday at work he was semi-concious and managed to infuriate me around lunchtime because instead of eating lunch he wanted to shop for CDs.

“That is it I am done, I am not going.”  I yelled via Gchat.

He called my bluff and we headed down the five freeway. 

The moment we arrived at the Steingarts I felt at home.  Elliot's mom, Judy the Foodie had prepared a delicious vegetarian meal and the wine flowed freely.  The only awkward moment was when Elliot ripped off his shirt prior to dinner to show off the hard work of the past few months at LA Fitness (please see Heroic Effort blog).  I knew that if I was at a home where nudity was accepted at the table the weekend would be exciting.

After the meal, Elliot's mom presented me with the Christmas gift of a gorgeuous scarf.  This was to be a wonderful weekend. 

Saturday brought a long and fun walk and chat with Judy and beer tasting at San Diego's finest microbrewery establishments.  Little did I know that each time I went to the bathroom Elliot was asking what his parents thought of me. Similarly, each time they were going to the counter for popcorn or more beer tastes I was doing the same.  My boyfriend was the liason between parties gathering information. 

At one point after six tasters and one of the most delicious spicy habenero pepper beers I had ever tasted I jolted up to go to the bathroom.  Upon my return I complained that there was no toilet paper.  Judy said that she had tried to warn me but I had gotten up too fast.  I liked knowing that Elliot's mom had my back and didn't want me to have to wipe with seat covers.  I felt truly at home. 

The only thing that bothered me all weekend was Elliot being lazy while his mom worked.  Judy loves making great food and hosting people but I wanted to make sure I wasn't being a loaf just sitting on the couch.  My boyfriend wouldn't lift a finger.  In fact, his mother had to wash a load of his clothes and find a razor so he could shave his hairy neck.  I gave him a look of disgust and he finally managed to get himself his own glass of water. 

All in all it was a wonderful weekend with Elliot's parents and I hope to see them again soon.  I am pleased to be dating someone whose family is so fun and generous.  While the sweet dulcet tones of Chris Botti soothed us on the twilight drive back I realized I was very glad I didn't stay home.