August 22, 2019

Pretty as a Picture

Turn your head a little to the right.
Chin down.
Left ear to left shoulder?
Your nose was blocking the light.
Chin up.
Touch more.
Let me add some fill.
Minimize those circles.
Chin down a bit more.
Look left.
Just with your eyes.
Now lift your neck.
Like a giraffe reaching for a leaf.
Head straight.
Eyes left.
Little smile?
Less teeth. Like the Mona Lisa.
Now with everything just the way it is, raise your lower lids up to your pupils.
Not that much. Looks like you’re about to seize.
A little laugh. That’s good.
OK, flirt with me.
Like you’re Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman.”
Less teeth.
Hold it.
That looks so natural.

Paula Rudnick is a former television writer and producer who has spent the past 30 years as a volunteer for nonprofit organizations.