February 25, 2020


Imagine the miracle of birth, the trillions of stars in the galaxy, the beauty of sunsets, and the sensory explosions of taste.

 Imagine every awe-inspiring phenomenon that fills the universe.

 Now realize that none of these things proves the existence of God. 

God deliberately created the world like this. 


Because God wanted there to be a creature that couldn’t be bullied by miracles

A creature who is no more than an infinitesimal speck yet has the ability to deny its Creator.

A creature that can spend its days chasing after every passion yet uses that same life force to uplift the fallen. 

A creature that can contemplate the intricacies of nature, science, the vastness of the universe and, like Abraham, realize that behind everything is a single power, one God, who loves us. 

God created that individual. 

And He gave it a special name