December 16, 2018

The Pomegranate Tree

I dare not pick the fruit before

it is ready and ripe.

Ready and red it will reveal

itself to me; its countless seeds

ready to eat. A crack in its side,

it will open itself to be seen,

but only when it is good and ready.

Until then, I’ll wait patiently.

Trusting in nature’s processes,

knowing that the longer I wait

the sweeter the juice will be.

So when that slice in the side

breaks apart, a door opened,

a fertile heart, I swear I’ll savor

each moment of labor,

delicately dissecting each juicy jewel.

I’ll give praise for every stain of red

upon my hands and lips.

I’ll remember the moments

of heavy hunger and how I met them

with trust, not lust.

And I’ll remember

I’ll remember,

I’ll remember the timeless Tree

that brings my love, right here, to me.

Hannah Arin is a junior at Pitzer College pursuing a double major in religious studies and philosophy.