February 25, 2020

The Desert Speaks

In hebrew the word to speak is spelled מדבר.

In hebrew the word desert is spelled מדבר.

Variations of the same structure,

the same essence,

the same lines and curves,

the same container molding the same atoms into different structures

two iterations of the same seed,

(fallen from the same flower and taken by the wind

taken by the breath

God’s or yours or mine —

speaking speaking speaking through sand and silence)

which tells us more than just what we read:

that the letters hold more than it seems,

that indeed the desert truly speaks.

The holy land, the holy home,

a perpetually open door.

Think about it:

where is there enough silence to hear to heavens hum?


Here, the desert speaks,

The desert speaks,

מדבר מדבר

The desert speaks to those who listen.

מדבר מדבר

Hannah Arin is a junior at Pitzer College pursuing a double major in religious studies and philosophy.