June 20, 2019

I Know What You Are Made Of



I know what you are made of:

lakes and simple sounds, good company

the dissapointed child as he sleeps

with open heart songs inside his sheets.


Grandma used to knit. 

She made a pink blanket.

She told me what little girls are made of:

Sugar and spice and everything that's nice.

That is what little girls are made of. 


You know what I am made of:

tiny branches, spririled weeds

the disenchanted child

as she screams for you to love

what she's made of.


I would have given all myself to you:

hidden faces found and freed.

I'm a brand new cut

that waits

before it bleeds.


Do you love what we're made of?!





c. Emily Stern 2007

Much Thanks to Debra Stern for edits. 

email me at emily@emilystern.org to request a recording of the song with Bennett Miller on the bass.


Much Love,

Happy Purim Katan, Valentine's Day, Full Moon, Shabbos, etc.