November 18, 2018

Sarah is in the Tent

Sarah Is In The Tent

Inside your submarined light
I saw through it and forever you have my eyes.

Avraham within the cave wondered if when he killed the kings, he was lost in defacing God;
Not only nature is God.

Someone I admire is superman
In a lighter blue leotard
Than superman had-
The water matching his sparkle, wearing a glass slipper as a headlamp, diamonds slipping and water holding his robe- skating. It seems he, smiling, may be from the bottom of the bay.

Like the Wheel of Fortune, I have strategy
And I have bought my life long before I met you
Above a cloud with a pool inside it as my womb.

Avraham was in the cave when you took me down there
Egypt was scared of birth- children taking over- too many frogs
I used to love being a child, closing my eyes, and seeing blackness.

Emptiness makes it okay to be a dragon with wings.

The more I allow the volcano to erupt, the black sand beaches covered in trash from washed and broken straw huts, the caste system, very unique, geckoes, shadow puppets behind a silk screen, more fear than I’d like to admit, even if we walked on water, it was all perfectly alive
Masks as alive as I am-

An endless way to paper doll myself—laughing with scissors focusing and above my body. I’d never want to buy time, but let it go. Balloon and all, patty cake, and Avraham The Baker’s wife.

If you come to our town, you may want to buy food beforehand. We came to see the light show, and it meant more to the someone I admire to be reminded of the gift of mathematics and angles, magnifying glasses, and laser light. Humble man, all dreams are endearing.

As long as my head peers over that lava, I may be seeing something
We sit in a circle that is really a rectangle- reckless and excited
Now my eyes are orange lids

having made the choice to shine but the dragon’s bones are still inside of me

And my light is just a flicker of his breath.