Gift-Buying Guide for the Stylish & Sophisticated Guy

February 7, 2018

Making sure your loved ones are happy with their gifts can be stressful. The stress can be heightened if your loved one is especially stylish and sophisticated. The idea of getting this type of guy something he is going to like may feel scary, but press the brakes for a bit because all one needs is a proper guide.

Getting someone with sophisticated tastes the perfect gift requires a little more time and effort, but it can be done.

Be a Detective


Most people believe that women are the ones with particular taste who spend good money and time on clothes, but they are not alone. Men can spend time and money on clothes and can even surpass women.

The first step to buying the perfect gift is to study the guy and his style. It is important to pay attention to details in order to figure out a person’s unique style.

Try to get in the mindset of a style detective so that this step does not feel overwhelming because it is extensive. Use a notepad or a note app on a smart device to jot down style details that might prove helpful later on. Pay attention to colors, brands, and little-unexpected oddities.

It is important to write down or take pictures of styles that this person is interested in, which can be done by seeing a movie together or a fashion magazine, just to see what captures his attention.

Be sure to take notice of ultra-modern accessories that make today’s generation special. Those purchasing a gift for a millennial should realize that there is a distinction between previous generations and this one, especially for Jewish men.

Many men in this generation are loving exquisite beards, meaning natural beard products may be useful, and some are fond of quality accessories like high end watches just as one example.

Using the Information to Choose a Gift


Using the information to find the right gift is the next step, which does not have to be too hard. If you know the person likes certain brands, visit stores that carry those brands. Use the notes to find tops, pants, or accessories that match the guy your shopping for.

Stick to the colors that this person loves and consider basic pieces rather than extravagant ones, which are sometimes harder to choose. For example, a nice, plane sweatshirt or shirt could work better than a strange piece.

Clothing is one thing, but accessories are another kind of gift that you should consider. As mentioned above, today’s generation of men, especially Jewish men, love accessories. Now, you have enough information to find a good gift. For one, you know that they like something that is one-of-a-kind and luxurious.

Those attempting to purchase the perfect watch should consider a watch that combines modern features with a classic look. For example, watches that feature a 5 Hertz movement gives watches the kind of precision that watch-lovers will appreciate. A reliable, modern watch should have a “cock” balance that relies on a transverse bridge instead of the old single attachment point setup.

The next thing that needs to be considered is the watch’s prestige. The materials will tell you how great a watch might be, such as white or rose gold.

You have to pay attention to the details of the item you are thinking of purchasing. For example, remember your loved one’s facial structure before purchasing sunglasses to make sure they will fit right. These tips should help you find the perfect gift for the stylish guy on your list.

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