February 18, 2020

So much Change in the Wind

Dear readers,

On May 5th, 2011, I jumped at the sound of my grandpa calling my name.  It only took one call of my name for me to leap from my bed at 7am.

But it took grandpa 5 hours hence to wake me up as he struggled to get to the bathroom, falling over and unable to walk because, as we’d find out later that day,

He was having his first major illness right before my eyes.

A stroke.

Now I know where I get my stubborn, “I don’t want to bother anyone to help me” attitude from.

This first day that changed my outlook on life – corrected it in many ways, I’d dare contend – came not 12 hours after I’d just met with a mentor and told her that I was feeling balance and that now that I was set on my career goals and entrepreneurial projects (” title=”Mixcrate.com – DJ Nova Jade” target=”_blank”>World DJ, ” title=”DJNovaJade.Com – Journey To Israel Blogs” target=”_blank”>I was fretting about leaving him. And this time I have a total reason to.  But, like then, I have to trust in my heart of hearts that if he were ever to need me, I’d be there.  We seem to be connected like that.  I laugh when I walk into the hospital and he’s all smiling bigly saying, “BOY! Right on the button! I was just thinking of you.” 

That’s ‘cuz I’m always thinking of him, I think.  Synchronicity don’t have no mistakes in its timing when love is in the atmosphere.

Grandpa will be OK. And, if nothing else, I have to remember to listen to the advice that I speak to him everyday:

“Don’t worry about a thing.  Just take it day by day.”  *gentle kiss on the head*

Update (May 25, 2011 9:35am PST): I just got a call from a case worker.  Grandpa Greene will be coming home in a week! What a difference 12 hours seemingly makes.  The next chapter awaits us all… Be kind to one another.