October 22, 2019

An organic, self-sustaining farm in Costa Rica where faith and hope are cultivated

Earth Rose Farm in Costa Rica is situated on a remote hillside between the villages of Santa Fe and Esperanza, or “faith” and “hope.”

It takes faith and hope to get there.

It’s located only a few miles off the main road of the sleepy town of San Isidro de El General, but getting there is a half-hour trek in a 4×4 along narrow, hilly roads overlooking lush cliffs fenced by trees.

For the dozen or so American farmers who have settled in this fertile countryside to conduct experiments in self-sustaining permaculture, isolation from civilization is part of the charm. With proper preparation, a family can live on the farm indefinitely without ever having to leave for food.

“After three heart operations, I realized a change was needed in my existence, and the word ‘self-sustaining’ became very important to me and my family,” said the farm’s founder, MaJi (pronounced May-Jai), from a termite-ridden farmhouse he plans to tear down once his two-bedroom home is ready. 

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