December 10, 2019

Best Cities For A Quick Getaway Trip

Want to get away? We need those weekend trips just to take a step back from where we are and try out somewhere, whether it’s alone, with a friend, or with your partner/spouse. These are not so big cities to get intimidated by and there are always great deals to fly and get accommodations for. Get your top credit cards and book out some of these places to go out for a weekend.



The Texan capital is quite the progressive city in a notably conservative state. Part of it is because of the University of Texas has all of their college students and youth from the rest of the state that come in with different types of art, shows, and promotions, such as the world-famous South By Southwest festival. The creative food in food trucks is everywhere from morning to evening, as well as in the restaurants. It is an inexpensive meal that can eat while walking through its beautiful parks, the beautiful college campus that is the main point of the city, and the gorgeous structures that have been upkeep for decades.



There is a life outside of Washington D.C. with a one hour drive north. The Baltimore Museum of Art is free to enter, featuring the world’s largest collection of Matisse paintings. At the famous Gertrude’s, get some of the best seafood fresh out of the Baltimore harbor with crab and shrimp. And, for the baseball lovers, go and check out an Orioles game at the stunning retro-looking Camden Yards. It is the birthplace of one Babe Ruth.



Possibly the best city for that Southern hospitality, go on a food tour of South Carolina and have some of that cuisine at bakeries, cafes, and BBQs. Ride the Schooner Pride ($35) along the rivers and coast to see standing Civil War battlegrounds and islands, and sit on the harbor for the sunset. Besides its history and culture, Charleston has been a place highly recommended for a weekend trip for couples.



The food, beer, and country music will single to your tune for being both inexpensive and very warm for everybody. The streets are always buzzing with infused cuisine and Tennessee charm (a ton of orange) to bring in every tourist for a good weekend.

San Antonio


Everything is bigger in Texas, which is why there is a second city from the state on this shortlist. It still has all five city’s missions from the 19th-century, most notably the Alamo. Take a lazy cruise on the Riverwalk, where bars, shops, restaurants, and nature line the whole waterway. You can either walk or even rent a bike for the fifteen-mile ride. It has some fine Tex-Mex, the San Antonio Spurs, and HemisFair Park, the site of the World’s Fair 50 years ago.

Again, get your top credit cards, the ones that payback and collect points the most and go out and see these other cities in the country. Culture thrives in every geographical area and they all have their own special taste to it. They demand outsiders come for a couple of days, leave, and come back for more.