January 16, 2019

Jewish Traveler: How the Digital Age is Changing Travel Currency

Travel currency has changed in this digital age. These changes are affecting everyone, including travelers within the Jewish community. Most people know how to track the exchange rate so they can trade in their cash at the right time, but the digital age has impacted this part of traveling more than some may think. Travelers can now choose discount airlines, do a flight check-in through their phones, and even book a room in a stranger’s home through shared-economy apps.

Some might find it refreshing to know that some things have not changed. For example, those who are thinking of exchanging cash might want to consider doing this in the country being visited since they usually have better rates.

Another thing that has not changed is that post office still offer some of the best rates compared to banks. There is no telling how long these realities will remain, but it is best to use them while they are available. Getting the best currency deals in today’s digital age truly depends on how much a traveler knows.

One change most savvy travelers are getting wise to is the traveling currency card. Many people are using digital cash now, and this card capitalizes on that fact. Those who use cards should find it easy to use. The purchased currency is loaded onto the card, which can be used like any other card.

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a travel currency card, some bad and some good. For one, travelers need to make sure that the locations traveled to accept the card or that there is an ATM nearby where cash can be withdrawn. This can be an inconvenience to the traveler who loves to go to remote areas, but this issue can be solved by planning ahead. Thankfully, many locations in Israel are digital-friendly, so the likelihood of cards being accepted is pretty high.

The good thing about using the travel currency card is that carrying cash is no longer necessary. This makes it easier to walk around cities or towns and not worry about someone stealing from you.

It should be noted that providers of these cards offer different perks. Some offer fraud protection while others offer policies that make it easy for the owner to recuperate his or her cash should the card be misplaced.

Some of the companies that offer these cards also offer free cash withdrawals. Clearly, this is an option that needs to be studied, but it definitely helps travelers step into this new digital age. Most of these cards allow users to log in through an online page to monitor their budget, too.

Jewish travelers who are more in touch with the digital age might be interested in knowing that cryptocurrency is targeting their community in the form of the BitCoen. Yes, traveling with cryptocurrency can be a little more complicated. For one, it is important to have access to an ATM that exchanges cryptocurrency for cash. It is also wise to make sure there are local cryptocurrency sellers nearby to exchange digital monies when needed.

The good thing is that many countries are friendly to the cryptocurrency traveler such as Denmark, Israel, and the UK just to name a few. People within the Jewish community who want to travel using cryptocurrency should pay attention to the BitCoen since it is being called the first Kosher cryptocurrency.

The company is going to feature prominent Jewish leaders to ensure decisions align with what the Jewish community might find appealing. Another thing that might be appealing is that the company is going to give 10 percent of its cryptocurrency earnings to Jewish organizations as the company’s tzedakah.

It should also be noted that the BitCoen company is planning to give members interest-free loans as tzedakah. This definitely makes traveling and handling currency easier in this new digital age.

The BitCoen will likely come with the benefits most cryptocurrencies come with, like digital monitoring, stable exchange rates, and security since physical cash will not be necessary.

It behooves travelers to keep an eye on how this new digital age is changing the way one might travel regarding currency because the changes could mean convenience and savings.