December 10, 2018

Another new App guide — to Oshpitzin: pre-WW2 Oswiecim

The latest Jewish travel app for smartphones and tablets takes you to a place that no longer exists except in memory: ” title=”Oswiecim” target=”_blank”>Oswiecim, the small town in southern Poland where the Nazis built Auschwitz which had a majority Jewish population before the Holocaust—I’ve written a lot about the town and its difficulty in balancing its Holocaust identity with its pre-WW2 past, starting in the mid 1990s, when I dealt with the issue in the long chapter “Snowbound in Auschwitz” in my book ” title=”Auschwitz Jewish Center” target=”_blank”>Auschwitz Jewish Center—a prayer, study and research center in Oswiecim—launched a project aimed at putting Oshpitzin back on the map. It started with a printed guidebook and followed on with