November 19, 2018

How Do I Look for A New Job Without My Current Employer Knowing?

I’m in a visible position in my company, but I want to start looking for other opportunities. How do I do it discretely?
-Need to sneak around? Los Angeles

This is definitely a situation that calls for discretion.  Begin by researching potential companies where you might be interested in working.  Then find out if you know anyone who works at the company or in the field you are interested.  Set up coffee dates with people familiar with the field or company.  Your goal is to make a friend/ally.  Treat this like a very casual informational interview.  As them about their work, how they got started, what they like about their job, if the company is in a hiring mode right now. Try to turn the coffee date into a conversation about work and career.  That way, you will find out information so you can decide if it is an area that you want to purse.  If asked why you are interested, you just state that you are expanding your horizons and are always interested in what people do.  Remember, people LOVE to talk about themselves!

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