February 18, 2020

How Jewish Communities are Sneaking Romance Back into the Younger Generations

Romance has been dying in the Jewish community for some time as more women decide not to pursue marriage. This is not to say that women never want to get married but rather want to wait or pursue other challenges in their young lives first.

Interestingly enough, it seems that there is something out there reversing the tide a bit and opening up love again. Technology and social media are being credited as relaunching cupid’s arrows within Jewish communities.

Not only does this mean that more coupling might be on the way, but those ready to take the next step have to refine their diamond engagement ring-buying skills.

Jewish Women are Taking Command


Staying single for a long time is kind of looked down on in traditional Jewish families. Most parents want their young ladies to find a good Jewish mate, but this is no longer so important for young women.

The trend can be attributed to many factors. For example, some women are simply pursuing career goals that take a little longer to accomplish. Other women simply do not believe that marriage should be such a priority in their lives. Surely, some Jewish women out there have other reasons to stay single. Nevertheless, the trend is obvious.

Perhaps one major reason women are simply not paying attention to romance is that of time. School, careers, and other factors cut into the time women might have for romance.

How Romance is Creeping Back Into the Jewish Community


Many in the Jewish community want to ensure that Jewish traditions remain alive for generations to come, which is one reason they are pushing romance back onto the younger generations in the country.

This is being done using a number of tools. For example, many are promoting trips to Israel to showcase the importance of Jewish traditions. Others are promoting sites like JDate, which is a dating site that helps romantics find each other.

One reason sites like JDate are so effective is because they allow romance to bloom even when two possible lovers do not have much free time. Another tool that seems to be effectively bringing romance back is Jewish men’s own desire to live up to their expectations.

It is no secret that Jewish men are considered to be some of the most romantic out there. Perhaps this is the reason many have taken an active interest in learning how to make women happy, such as learning how to properly choose a diamond engagement ring.

Some men are satisfied with simply knowing the four Cs (cut, carat, color, and clarity), but several Jewish men want to know more.

It is not enough to look at predetermined grades because the beauty of a diamond lies in its details. GIA grading systems should be looked at as a guideline but should not be the determining factor. Keep in mind that there is a lot of wiggle room with GIA’s diamond cut grade, which could signify the difference between a ‘wow’ reaction and the opposite response.

Granted, this is not the only skill Jewish men are picking up just in case their romantic skills are needed again. There is no doubt that Jewish women are looking for the kind of man who can accept their newfound independence and appreciate their drive towards their own dreams.

Jewish leaders in several communities are hoping that this trend does come to a halt because they value tradition. Marriage may be viewed as archaic by some millennials, but it definitely plays a big role in community building and reinvigorating traditions.