January 16, 2019

Hey Kids!

Zimmer Kids Say

Zimmer kids were asked this question:

“If you could invite anyone to your house, whom would you invite and why?”

Here are some of their answers:

I would invite my friend Armando, because whenever I don’t have lunch, he shares his food with me. So I will invite him over and make him dinner. — Carlos, age 6

I would invite a giant talking bee, because I have always wanted to know how bees live their lives. — Brandon, age 5

I would invite the world to my house, and teach it how to share. — Yojar, age 7

A Portion of Parshat Vayigash

This week, Joseph reveals himself to his brothers. “I am your brother Joseph,” he tells them. Joseph can’t hold back his tears anymore, and weeps openly and loudly. It is through these tears that the ice is broken, and the brothers can hug and become friends again.

Do you ever hold back your tears when you really want to cry? It is always a good thing to tell people what you are feeling, if you are hurt, sad, or upset. It is only when your friends or parents know what you are feeling that they can help you feel better. The family in the picture is talking about their feelings.

This week we will begin a column where we can hear your voice. If you visit the Zimmer Jewish Discovery Museum (at 6505 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 100, in Los Angeles) you will find an area where you can write your comments on subjects such as: “What am I thankful for?” and “How would I help the world?”

Each month, the museum will send your writings to The Jewish Journal, and we will choose a few to publish in that week’s edition of the For The Kids page. Good luck!