July 18, 2019

Decorative Coffee Cups Made From Empty Paper Towel Rolls

Don’t call me a pack rat, but I save empty paper towel rolls just in case I might need them for craft projects. You just never know. And lo and behold, I had plenty of rolls handy to make these adorable paper coffee cups just in time for Mother’s Day gifts. Because of their compact size, they actually look like little espresso cups. They’re not functional for beverages, but they can be turned into little bud vases for artificial flowers. What cheery gifts or party favors. People will say your cup runneth over with creativity.

What You’ll Need:
Empty paper towel roll
Acrylic paint


1. Cut a three-inch segment from the empty paper towel roll. You should be able to make three coffee cups out of a single roll.


2. Cut six one-inch long slits on one end of the paper towel roll. Try to equally space them, but it doesn’t have to be precise.


3. Fold down the sections created by the slits to create the bottom of the coffee cup. Glue the sections in place.


4. From what’s left of the paper towel roll, cut a strip that is about one-half inch wide by three inches long.  


5. Glue the top and bottom tips of this strip to the side of the coffee cup to form the handle.


6. Paint the cups with acrylic paint. Note that you can use tempera paint, but it is not colorfast. Add designs like polka dots with more paint or a colored marker.