November 21, 2018

Festive Luminarias

Let there be lights! With summer — and outdoor entertaining — upon us, here’s an idea for creating a warm, festive glow to your activities. These luminarias made from paper bags would look beautiful perched on steps, lining the walkway to your front door or gracing a buffet table. 

What you’ll need:
Small paper bags
Hobby knife
Battery-operated tea light

1. Cut a piece of cardboard that fits inside the paper bag. The cardboard will act as a cutting mat so the hobby knife does not cut into the sides or back of the bag.

2. Sketch your design with a pencil onto the bag. For this example, I drew triangles to form a Star of David.

3. Cut out the design with a hobby knife. Be careful while using the knife, and keep it away from children.

4. Place a heavy rock or some sand in the bag so the wind doesn’t tip it over. And for fire safety, only use battery-operated tea lights.