December 11, 2018

How To Survive Moving Home During The Holidays

The holiday season is meant to be a relaxing time of year. You’re supposed to break bread with your family while spending lots of time at home. This won’t apply to anyone who is in the process of moving. If you’re one of those people you might be struggling a lot.

Moving is hard at any time of the year, but it’s especially difficult right now. You don’t want to stress yourself out too much, so you’ll need to take care of a few things. We’re going to look at a couple of ways you can make your big move a lot easier.

You Need To Make Sure You Have Power


When you’re moving house electricity connection is something that should be on your mind. You’ll need to ensure it’s switched off at your old home, plus it will need to be up and running in your new home.

If you don’t have access to electricity it’s going to be an uncomfortable few days. You will be forced to sit around in the freezing cold surrounded by candles. Contact your energy provider in advance to set everything up.

Don’t Be Afraid To Hire A Professional


Once your possessions have been dropped off at your new home, you’ll need to take them inside. You can’t leave them outside in case it rains. It means you’ll find it tricky to clean everywhere thoroughly.

I’m sure you realize you’ll feel a lot more comfortable if every room is spotless. If you hire professional cleaners to sweep in before you arrive they’ll take care of everything. You won’t regret spending a little extra money.

Take All Of The Essentials With You


People usually focus on their possessions when moving home, which is perfectly understandable. Unfortunately, they forget about the essentials they won’t be able to live without. You need to take everything with you.

The bathroom should have things like toilet paper, shower gel, and toothpaste. Don’t assume you’ll be able to visit the local supermarket straight away. Having no access to these things for a night will be terrible.

Get A Locksmith To Change Your Locks


You will be given a set of keys to your new home when you move in. The previous owners shouldn’t have any access once they’ve moved out. That doesn’t mean nobody in town will have a spare set of keys to your home.

The seller could have lost a key months before leaving. Anyone in possession of it could strike while you’re still vulnerable. If you want to sleep easy when you go to bed, ask a locksmith to change all the locks.

Decide Where Everything Is Going Beforehand


You’ve obviously been to visit your new home, so you’ll know the layout of each room. There are some amazing apps that will let you decide where everything goes once you arrive. You can take care of the furniture arrangements weeks in advance.

It’s not something you want to get wrong once you’ve moved in. There are few things less annoying than shuffling heavy furniture around. If you plan things out beforehand you’ll be set up in no time.

Spend A Lot Of Time With Your Children


Your children will struggle a lot when you’ve moved home. In most cases, they’ll be saying goodbye to friends they’ll never see again. They will be scared and confused during the first few days.

If your children are finding it difficult they’ll heap a lot more pressure on you. It’s why you should focus more of your energy on them even if they seem fine. You might have to do the same if you have any family pets.

Don’t Let The Holidays Turn Into A Nightmare


Make sure you’re as comfortable as possible and you might actually enjoy the holidays. It will be more stressful than usual, but everything will be worth it once you’ve settled into your new life.


Image credit: Nicolas Huk