January 19, 2020

Health science startup teams with Mayo Clinic on personalized nutrition

DayTwo, the world’s first provider of health improvement and disease prevention solutions based on gut microbiome research, is collaborating with the renowned Mayo Clinic in Minnesota to bring its first product, DayTwo Personalized Nutrition Solution, to early adopters in the United States.

Based on research from Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, showing that different people respond differently to the same food, DayTwo provides actionable health solutions for improving health and preventing disease by balancing blood-sugar levels in a personally tailored way.

As high blood sugar is linked to energy dips, excessive hunger, weight gain and increased risk for diseases such as obesity, diabetes and hypertension, balancing blood-sugar levels presents a significant health benefit.

The research generated an algorithm for predicting individualized blood glucose response to different foods based on gut microbiome information and other personal parameters. This algorithm was further developed by DayTwo and the Weizmann Institute, and predicts blood-sugar response to thousands of foods and meals.

The collaboration is managed by Dr. Heidi Nelson, director of the Microbiome Program at the Mayo Clinic Center of Individualized Medicine.

DayTwo CEO Lihi Segal says the collaboration is well aligned with the company’s U.S. launch targeting health-conscious and pre-diabetic individuals. “Providing our solution to U.S. consumers in a clinical trial setting with the Mayo Clinic allows us to calibrate our predictive algorithm for the U.S. market,” she said.

The Mayo Clinic will participate in Series A funding for DayTwo, which is registered in California and has offices in Rehovot.