December 11, 2018

Dear Dr.L

Dear Dr.L- Your real questions answered thoroughly by your devoted Sex & Relationship Counselor Dr.Limor.
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Dear Dr.L,

I feel a bit awkward asking this question, but since it is kept anonymous and I have been curious about this matter for the longest time, I thought I'll ask: I'm newly married. Me and my hubby are very content with our unit, I'm mentioning it since we are not planning on having children in the near future, nor are we certain that we want them at all, even later in life. We are, however, very interested in experimenting with the whole fantasy of 'breast feeding'. In short what I am asking: Is it possible for me, given I am not pregnant now, nor was I in the past, to lactate? If so, what would be the best way to stimulate lactation? Also, could it be dangerous in anyway?



Dear Jane,

Thank you for the terrific question. Let me ease your mind by stating that this isn't a surprising question and I HAVE received inquiries relating to non traditional lactation,in the past.

In short,it is in fact possible for non-pregnant women to lactate.

Anthropologically, non pregnant women would have the capacity to lactate in case one needed to act as a 'surrogate mother' ,feeding an infant whose mother died or was unable to breastfeed. In our era,we come across women who adopt infants for instance and desire to breastfeed thus seeking ways to induce lactation.
Of course, theres the most exciting side of the Goodol' lactation ,sought after by couples who find breastfeeding erotically exciting 😉

The most successful cases of non biological mothers with inducing lactation,usually include a mixture of hormone therapy and physical stimulation of breasts and nipples.

Here's a short 101 on lactation just for the basic understanding:

During pregnancy, elevated levels of estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin prepare the breasts for lactation. After delivery,a woman experiences a dramatic decline in estrogen and progesterone levels, but prolactin levels remain high and initiate the onset of lactation. Thus simply, if you don't go through  pregnancy ,taking a daily regimen of hormones will mimic these procedures.

Typically, hormone therapy is discontinued shortly before actual breastfeeding begins. At that point, the baby( your husband that is..:)suckling the breast will stimulate and maintain milk production.

On going stimulation of the breasts and nipples can also help to produce and maintain milk flow. Some experts suggest pumping both breasts with an electric breast pump every few hours, beginning about two months before you hope to begin breastfeeding. You can also manually stimulate the breasts and nipples (I'm sure your partner will be happy to give you a hand there). Breast stimulation can definitely encourage the production and release of prolactin.

While breastfeeding is a natural process, and one that many women find fulfilling, there are some potential issues that might arise. Breastfeeding can cause plugged ducts, when a milk duct does not drain properly and becomes inflamed, causing a tender lump in the breast. Breast infection may also be an unwelcome result of breastfeeding, and is often characterized by soreness or a lump, in addition to flu like symptoms.

In relation to infections,keep in mind that certain viruses are transferable through breast milk, including HIV & hepatitis

In addition,medications might seep into breast milk, so whatever you put or exists in your body, might pass along to your partner upon consumption…

Whatever you decide to do, enjoy and.. Bon Appetit! 



Dear Dr.L,

My girlfriends and I were wondering whether or not there was a difference in a sexual encounter with an uncircumcised man Vs one that has been cut? One of us is currently seeing an uncircumcised man, she hasn't engaged in full on sex with him yet, but has heard frightening stories regarding uncut men ,infections and such.

Any words of wisdom will come in very handy here!



Dear Rene,

Thank you for your question! You ladies sound like a group of intelligent and curious women and so I'm sure all will work out just fine.

In general,Circumcision ,regardless of religion, Is incredibly popular in western society. Roughly 56 percent of American males are circumcised — that makes uncircumcised penises relatively hard to come by.

The simple difference between a circumcised and uncircumcised penis is a thin layer of skin, the foreskin, which is highly sensitive and surrounds the glans penis like a skin sleeve. When erect, an uncircumcised man's  foreskin generally retracts over the shaft, exposing the head of the penis that you might recognize, as it looks very similar to a circumcised penis.

During intercourse,fellatio or manual stimulation,the retracted foreskin acts like a lubricant thus making it more manageable ,unlike a circumcised penis, which may need additional lubrication for both partners to experience pleasure.

It's common that an uncircumcised penis might enclose a distinct odor or  taste.

A  certain genital smell is normal for men (and women) especially since the foreskin acts like a hub that might indulge you ,but also encompass 'residue' of urine,spermatozoa and so forth. If the odor seems overly strong, it may be time to gently suggest taking a shower together.

It's also more prevalent for uncircumcised men to encounter an  infection under the foreskin; if there are any signs of irritation, redness, foul odor, or other abnormal symptoms, it might be necessary to see a health care provider.

Circumcision can lower the chance of contracting certain sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Simplifying things, as long as one practices safe sex,a cut or uncut really does not make a big difference, once introduced properly!

And here's a comic relief ,to remind you ladies to simply try and enjoy it all,rather than analyze anxiously.

An acquaintance of mine (circumcised  and all) entertained me ,elaborating about a recent lovely sexual encounter he had with a woman. He proceeded to tell that she was very attractive but not in such command of English, as it took place out of the US ( where circumcision is truly considered a rarity and disabling in a way!it's all in the  context.

Finalizing their great night together,she turned to him and said:

You're my first circus -cised man…

To that he answered: what kinda circus is it baby?… Am I the midget or the giant?…

Have a great Shabat!


Dr.Limor Blockman,PhD Sex&Relationship Counselor