December 12, 2018

Dear Dr.L

Dear Dr.L- Your real questions answered thoroughly by your devoted Sex & Relationship Counselor Dr.Limor.

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Dear Dr.L,

I am a 23 year old woman, lets say my name is Sara for the sake of the question. I have very little experience with sex,however I am extremely curious and think that I have the potential to enjoy it. As I'm over twenty and didn't squire much experience, it becomes more and more difficult to ask others and so I thought I'll just ask:
What could make my body respond well? Where are the more 'sexual areas' other than the obvious, and what is the best way to achieve an orgasm?

Thank you for the terrific work you do here!


Dear Sara,

I thank you for your kind words and for the important and interesting question,from the very core of it, I tend to agree that you may very well have a 'great potential to enjoy a good sex life'.

I would like to start by calming your concerns and stating that your discomfort in inquiring with friends regarding the Good ol' tree shaking activity,could possibly work to your advantage ,as no two women's bodies or preferences are alike.

A woman may need to do some exploration (Solo or with a partner) before she knows whether vaginal, clitoral or any other area's stimulation is pleasurable to her.

Your body is a bundle of joy and as the skin is the biggest sex organ, your arousal can be ignited from just about anywhere, nonetheless I'll refer to 'Erogenous Zones' (areas on your body that give pleasure particularly to sexual stimulation), to simplify it s bit.

Primary erogenous zones typically contain many nerve endings. They typically include genitals, breasts&nipples, buttocks, perineum, anus/rectum, mouth, inner thighs,navel and neck.

Secondary erogenous zones  are basically the rest of your body, that can and probably will, be utilized as sexual spots once you discover their potential, with a certain lover or any.

Going back to the main 'obvious sex organs' as you referred,a woman's clitoris is one of the most nerve rich areas of her body. For a biological comparison, imagine all of the nerve endings in the penis splashed onto an area as small as an M&M 🙂

Given its monumental sensitivity, many women believe that the clitoris is more sensitive than the vagina for that matter. It is for every woman to examine whether she prefers stimulation through touch, oral pleasure, vaginal penetration, or the use of a vibrator. Take note that more sensitivity may or may not mean pleasure. Some women find direct, continuous stimulation of the clitoris for instance,too intense.

As to your inquiry regarding the best highway to O-Ville… I would say take 'route exploration'; not only will it be gratifying ,but it will grant you with the great knowledge of your good/ less inspiring spots, that way you can be sure to introduce those to any future lover that you choose to 'have your way' with:)

Best of luck!



Dear Dr.L,

My name is Marina. I am 25 and between partners at the moment.

Over the past several months, I've noticed a distinct change in my vaginal odor.

This has me a bit concerned so I thought I'll ask:

Is this a natural change I'm going through?something that will continue to evolve as I grow older ,or Is it health related? Could a change in sexual partners play a part in this shift?

Thank you so much!


Dear Marina,

First, let me just commend you and state that a woman familiarizing herself with her scents and secretions ,will always be healthier AND happier than a woman that isn't. Our bodies tend to literally speak to us through these channels, all one needs to do is listen!

As to your question:Natural changes in the body accompany us throughout our entire lives, especially as women and they can baffle us at times. I would ask you to think a few months back upon your notice of the scent change,was there anything else in your life that changed at the same time? You were very wise and aware to mention the factors  above, as to possible reasons for this change in odor.

Diet changes, hormones and vaginal infections could all affect vaginal scent.

A change in partners could definitely be a cause ,as  semen infused with vaginal fluids during intercourse may alter flora. During your menstrual cycle you may also notice fluctuations in certain smells. Of course, if the odor is bothersome/unpleasant or if it accompanied by a different kind of secretion than the kind you are familiar with, it may be indicative of an infection, such as yeast or trichomonas. These can be treated by either over-the-counter or prescription medication. Please follow up on your sensations and scents,as I am certain you will, and if changes keep emerging or become uncomfortable, see a health practitioner for your peace of mind.

Take care!


Dr.Limor Blockman,PhD Sex&Relationship Counselor