November 19, 2018

Dear Dr.L

Dear Dr.L- your real questions answered thoroughly by your devoted Sex & Relationship Counselor Dr.Limor.
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Dear Dr.L,

For the sake of the question I would like to be referred to as Aaron. I am a 25 year old man, about 5.7 and weigh 150 lbs. Lately I have started feeling a bit uncomfortable and a little insecure about the size of my penis. I was wondering if it is just a self judgment or other emotional issue that I have with myself ,or is it truly a problem in light of a size that is smaller than average.

After examining and measuring I realized my size is about 4.5 inches. Is it normal for my age? Is there a chance I will still continue to extend in size in the next few years?

Thank you and sorry for the graphic details.


Dear Aaron,

Thank you for your question. I'm certain that a size related inquiry is a very common cogitation in the minds of many men of all ages,whether these assumptions and pensiveness evolves into an actual measuring or not, is besides the point. The penis arrives at its final measurement around the age of 18 and so it will be fair to assume that there will not be any dramatic change in your size, it will probably be your proportion for life. I am not aware what method did you use in terms of measurement ,how accurate were you and whether these were performed while erect or flaccid, nonetheless a penis average at about 6 inches. Smaller penises tend to extend more while erect, in other words, if you're an inch or two smaller than the next guy, you'll probably arrive at the same end result while erect. In spite of different myths in regards to racial,various genetic factors or non representative adult content, most penises arrive at a close size while erect, give or take an inch.  In regards to your referral as to 'what is normal'  I would like to ease your mind and tell you that your masculinity or your ability to perform as a successful lover both do not relate to the size of your penis ,but rather to your ability to be attentive and considerate.

Furthermore, compatibility is a big factor in love making and not every woman is a 'size queen' if you will. I suggest you should focus on the important factors and avoid any comparison or frustrations that are not only immutable but rather not important in the 'game of love'.

Good luck!



Dear Dr.L,

My name is Lillian and I am actually writing to you in a matter that simply intrigues me as sexual knowledge base ,rather than a sexual difficulty or discomfort. I would like to make sure my boyfriend reads your answer as well ,as that will put his mind at ease about the specific matter and will enable us a freer experience. I came across a phenomenon called female ejaculation. I would like to understand what does it entail, if all women can experience it ,is it truly a more intense climax and what does the fluid released compose of. I'm asking since I have heard a few people claiming the fluid released is urine, that made my partner uncomfortable about experimenting, however other sources claimed it wasn't and that its false to assume that. I would really want to experience it. Thank you!


Dear Lillian,

I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to relate to a recreational inquiry of this sort, emphasizing female sexual interest in good sexuality and the quest of solid sensual experience.

In reply to your question, female ejaculation is indeed an experience that educes the release of an abundant amount of vaginal fluids  during female climax. Some sources might relate to this phenomenon as 'squirting'.

By nature female ejaculation is controversial , as unreliable sources might claim only women that arrive at this point actually climax, while others will claim no women can actually achieve it and even suggest an illusory nature to it. The truth is it does indeed exist and accessible to most women, albeit requiring physical comfortability and familiarity with the female anatomy and such.  Data regarding the percentage of women achieving this blissful experience is scarce and hard to obtain (much like the experience itself); nonetheless a study conducted in the late 90s claimed around 6% of women may achieve ejaculation upon self demand. The amount of fluid released alters from one woman to another, some report a great deluge that resembles pre birth water breaking, while others claim the amount equates to half a cup. Female ejaculation is not urine, a false assumption that accompanied the phenomena until late 80s. OBGYNs most likely originated it, mistakingly confusing it with incontinence that might be more prone during climax as the body is relaxed and thus less in control over muscles and secretions.

In mid 80s a few studies suggested that the fluid released is not urine ,but rather an alkaline based substance, containing  chemical ingredients similar to those produced by the male prostate – notably PSA (prostate-specific antigen). It is also said to contain two sugars: glucose and fructose.

It is clear and non staining, unlike urine.

Since 2000,Researchers have claimed that the liquid may be the secretion of Skene's glands (the paraurethral glands),small glands around the female urethra. In any case , female ejaculation is generated out of a more intense orgasm, 'draining' in its nature much like the male climax, deducing fatigue and a strong sense of release but also a grand satisfaction. I suggest just enjoying the sensual bliss and avoiding any specific focus on achieving it, mostly when we are too eager to get somewhere ,we lose notice of the road towards it and thus might leave the pleasure on the way unnoticed.

Much luck!

Dr.Limor Blockman,PhD Sex&Relationship Counselor