November 18, 2018

REBRANDING JACOB: Discover the Depths Within

smiley“>  Let’s begin!!



How to use this in the boardroom: What is your company name? What does the name mean – or why was the name chosen? What is the potential of your organisation that can be achieved right now – e.g. we are called Freedthinking – we need to continually consider where we can be thinking ‘out of the box’, and acting more freely. What is your equivalent?

How to use this on the yoga mat/meditation cushion:  Where are you not using the potential for your body and mind? Where do you need to be more disciplined – or more playful? Make a list of three areas you would like to improve – e.g. stand more upright, sit with more stillness, focus your mind more accurately – and start pursuing them!

This was based on Parshat Vayishlach, with the stimulus being Jacob’s renaming after he spends the night wrestling with an angel.

(1) Yes, I’m making up words. It’s not that the English language is deficient, but rather that it lends itself to playful creation. Shakespeare made up new words all the time. Try it! Unleash your inner Bard.