January 19, 2020

Need Money Now? Here’s How To Get Liquid Again

Have you suddenly found yourself short of cash? Need a fix before your bill collectors get nasty on you?Sometimes, these problems hit at the worst possible time, and there’s no way you’ll be able to hold things together until payday.

Sometimes, these problems hit at the worst possible time, and there’s no way you’ll be able to hold things together until payday.

People who find themselves in these situations experience unreal amounts of stress, as creditors simply roll their eyes when they hear that you are short of money.

They want to be paid, and if they aren’t, they won’t think twice about bringing the hammer down on you, circumstances are damned.

How can you keep the wolves from your door without doing something drastic, like asking a mafia Don for a favor, or selling a kidney on the black market?

Don’t turn to bankruptcy, as there are better ways to handle this situation aside from torpedoing your credit for the foreseeable future.

Below, we’ll talk about you how you can restore your liquidity in a hurry.

1) Seek out help from a payday lender


Checked the Chesterfield? Looked under the rug? If you ransacked your home for emergency cash but still can’t close the gap, seek out the assistance of a payday lender.

Given the choice between having the gas cut to your home or taking out a loan that you will need to pay back aggressively after next payday, the choice is a simple one.

When looking for payday loans the UK, you aren’t just limited to visiting shops in a dodgy part of town, as there are online lenders that can process your request, all from the comfort of your bedroom.

After you get the money you need, pay off your creditors, save money like a champ until next payday UK comes, and then pay off what you owe quickly.

In this way, you’ll be able to deal with the financial emergency you are currently facing, all while building up your credit in the process.

2) Get rid of your excess stuff


In our consumerism-orientated world, we are prodded into buying stuff very easily. From fidget spinners to the latest fitness fad, we all have things in our house that are aren’t crucial when it comes to living life.

Whether you use them on a regular basis or have consigned them to your junk drawer, it is important to liquidate them into cash when you are facing a personal financial crisis.

Start by hosting a garage sale, which can help you get rid of a bunch of smaller items in a hurry. For more valuable items, it may be best to post them on a classified site like Gumtree or Craigslist.

Take the time to make them look great, take some sharp looking photos, and then put them up for sale on the sites mentioned above.

Set a price that will make you a decent profit – don’t be pressured to sell for pennies on the dollar. After a week or two, you will have a nice chunk of cash to pay off your bill collectors, and a lot more room around the house.

3) Become a medical guinea pig


Unlike Americans, you can’t sell blood products here in the UK, but if you can forgo payment of your bills for a while, signing up for medical trials can save your bacon.

In the final phases of research, pharmaceutical companies need human test subjects to determine whether their potential new products will be as effective as they were in animals.

To get people to apply for these risky tasks, corporations offer remuneration that can total to well over a thousand pounds per session.

While a risk of negative reactions exists, it is a small one, and you’ll be under medical supervision during your entire stay in the testing facility where you will be confined while your condition is assessed.

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