August 22, 2019

That Long French Kiss Goodbye

When my sons were young, I used to take them to our local medieval fair. It was loads of fun: people dressing up as lords and ladies, jousters, wandering troubadours, and medieval-type food (don't ask). Spend a suburban hour or two, travelling back through in history through a time machine, a little fantasy — why not?

Yes, it was fun. But that was because it was simply a harmless fantasy. It is not as much fun when you encounter moments in time when it feels as if we have truly journeyed back to the Middle Ages. 

That is how I have been feeling in the wake of the terror attacks in Paris this past week. The needless deaths were one thing. But the aftermath — the evil and insane conspiracy theories and aggressive blame games — these are frightening and depressing. 

First, former President Jimmy Carter declares that the ongoing Israel-Palestine crisis is to blame for the horrors that occurred in France. 

Then, there are some Muslims who believe that Zionists orchestrated the whole bloody thing. Even worse, there are some who believe that Jews were able to do this because — I hope you're sitting down — Jews can mystically and magically change their shapes. “>