August 20, 2019

The Adventures of Super Jew

You just never know what people are going to hear in a sermon. Especially kids.

That was my reaction when Ari, an eight year old boy in my congregation, came over to me after Rosh Ha Shanah services. He had been listening to my sermon about Israel and its battle against militant Islam “>

The Jews had emerged from the phone booths of the world. The Jews were no longer mild-mannered Clark Kents.

And yet, when you look closely at that popular poster, you will notice something.

The Hasid’s hands are filthy.

At the time of the poster’s publication, some people thought that the poster was anti-Semitic.

Years later, I think that those critics were wrong. I think that the poster was saying that it is hard to be powerful and to keep your hands clean.

My young comic artist friend, Ari, views the Jews as fighting the evil in the world.

He is not that far off.

The only question is: Can you keep you hands clean, in the process?

I wonder.