August 20, 2019

Outstanding Graduates 2014: Profiles on leadership, philanthropy and education

It’s that time of year again — graduation season —  when high school seniors toss their caps in the air and look forward to the endless possibilities of the future. For the rest of us, it’s a chance to spotlight the accomplishments of an amazing group of young people. The hardest part, it turns out, is not in identifying those with spectacular achievements. For that, we get plenty of help in the form of nominations from local educators, clergy, community leaders and, of course, you, our readers. The real trouble comes in narrowing down this group of terrific teens. These students have distinguished themselves as role models and leaders, either by taking on causes or by personally overcoming odds and inspiring others. But choose, we did. And once again, this year’s group has shown an impeccable ability to change the world — on a scale both small and large. They have shown the value of excellence in academics, discovered their life’s passions and harnessed them to better the lives of others.


Milana Bochkur Dratver
Science is in her cells


Nikki Gutman
Gymnast, linguist, jewelry designer


Ori Brian
Leadership from left to right


Emma Bloom
Generation inspiration


Rachel Brunelle
The giver


Micah Hyman
A man developing a plan


Tamar Willis
World traveler, community journalist


Jacob Artson
Advocating for dignity


Aliza Mchugh
Teacher and student of Israel


Janine Moses
Shooting for the stars


Benjamin de Toledo
A leap of faith to excellence


Daniella Wenger
Issues-oriented, with a heart


Yosef Nemanpour
Building a positive outlook