January 19, 2020

Jewish Rise: Ways to Enhance Communication With Customers in Australia

The Jewish population in Australia is growing, which has helped create a strong community. Of course, this boom in population has also made it easier for members of the community to start a business. The problem is making sure business owners have enough tricks up their sleeves to keep businesses open.

Effective tool business owners should never underestimate is the ability to communicate with customers, and communication tools have been revolutionized in recent years. These are just some tools worth using to ensure customers feel like their voices are heard.

Sharing Platforms


A new but effective way to improve customer communication is to use social media. This includes sites like Instagram or Pinterest just to name a few. These platforms give business owners an opportunity to talk to customers, but their function is mostly to give a business a personality that customers can connect with.

In essence, a business is creating an emotional bridge between customer and company through social media. This can lead to engagement and true loyalty to a particular brand. Granted, it is advisable to hire a professional social media expert to ensure that this tool is utilized to its fullest potential. Do not underestimate the power of social media because it seems that Australians love social media more than many other activities they could participate in, so investing in it is wise.

Genuine Conversations


Sure, social media and other similar forms of communication are quite popular, but that makes connecting with people even more important when it is needed. This is one reason businesses benefit from having a number, but the problem is this line can get busy when many people call it. Customers want to be heard and feel unappreciated when their calls are not answered or when their calls do not make it to a proper representative.

This makes it vital for businesses to use toll-free numbers to ensure every call is appreciated and that these calls make it to their destination. Having calls professionally handled is good since most customers hate being put on hold.

Demonstration Centers


Yes, most of what a business does to communicate with customers is done online, such as social media communication or native advertising through blog posts, but that does not mean customers are not hungry for a personal touch. This is the reason some businesses have begun to use demonstration centers from time to time to connect with their customer base.

Companies do not have to set up a demonstration event often, so they should be quite eventful when they are scheduled. The idea here is to have a representative give customers an experience with the brand, product, or service. Try to ensure this event is placed within the confines of a larger community event, such as a carnival. The idea is to create a folksy personality that customers can connect to.

An additional reason demonstration centers work, especially ones that show how the business serves its community is because Australians love supporting their own. It seems that customers spend a lot more money purchasing services or goods from services that belong to their communities than businesses that do not.

These are just some of the forms of communication making it easier to establish a connection between a customer and business. The key is not only to establish a connection but to make a business feel like a good corporate citizen, which is vital for the stability of a company nowadays. This is especially true for Jewish businesses as long as the company is guided by principles of the Holy Book.