November 18, 2018

HR Done Right: Understanding Your Business’s HR Functions

Employees are always a company’s biggest assets. The growth of your business depends on the effectiveness of your employees, as well as your company’s human resource management. Many Israeli companies, especially the more successful corporations, have relied on this approach for years. Small and medium-sized businesses are now following suit.

Thanks to third-party solutions and cloud-based systems, gaining access to the best HR resources and tools is now easier than ever. Before you start browsing through the available solutions in search for a suitable one for your business, however, it is important that you understand the HR functions that must be fulfilled.



At the top of the list of HR functions, we have recruitment. This is the most basic HR function that every business must utilize in order to construct a strong team. Before you can start growing your business with the support of employees and team members, you must first find suitable team members to recruit.

The recruitment process is further divided into two stages: talent acquisition and onboarding. The latter is a crucial process that must not be skipped, especially if you want team members to understand the internal cultures and be a part of the business from day one.

Learning, Performance, and Benefit Management


The next part of the process is tracking employees as they work for the business. Since employees are your biggest assets, you need to take a more active role in helping them grow with the business. This means providing employees with suitable training that will help them expand their skills and perform better in real life.

Next, employees must be kept in check. There are systems designed to help establish the most suitable performance management for your business. Every type of business is different, so you want to have a performance management solution that works well based on the employees you have, the operations you’re dealing with, and other specific challenges.

For the performance monitoring system to work, an extra layer is also needed. That layer is benefited management. All systems, from basic benefits to promotions and bonuses, are all great instruments that can be used to help employees stay motivated and effective in their roles.

You have systems such as SAP SuccessFactors HR and Dayforce HCM with all the instruments you need to manage these HR functions. Visit to find out more about the available HR solutions for the job.

General HR Functions


Aside from the specific functions, it is also necessary to put general HR management functions in place. This type of functions tracks your employees from hire to termination. It provides a more detailed look at the employee’s journey in the company and helps you keep a comprehensive record of every part of that journey.

A supporting system with general HR functions is useful for tasks such as evaluating your company’s HR management as a whole. You can’t expect to recruit better team members and improve your business’s HR management without learning from past mistakes. Now that you have the instruments to help you, it is time to start looking at the available options and review the best HR management solutions for your business.