January 19, 2020

Hair Volume: How to Get Thicker Hair with Volume

We all have those days when our hair is good for nothing but a top bun. It just falls flat, without any shine, bounce, or volume. You probably wondered how can some women have such a gorgeous, head-turning mane and you’re cursed with your unruly hair that always looks like you’ve got caught in the rain. Don’t give up just yet! If you’re tired of limp locks and bangs that stick to your forehead, a simple switch in routine or easy styling can do the trick.

Update Your Beauty Routine


If you take good care of your hair, it will reward you with a healthier and fuller look. When buying beauty products, search for volumizing shampoos and conditioners. Opt for deep-cleansing and hydrating formulas in order to keep your scalp clean. Once a week, swap your regular shampoo with eucalyptus-based one to stimulate the roots. Make sure to massage your scalp for a couple of minutes to stimulate circulation and awaken your hair. Invest in leave-in treatments or make your own hair masks that boost volume and shine.

Feed Your Hair From the Inside


You know the saying – you are what you eat? Our lifestyle habits make an impact on our health and appearance, hair included. Enrich your daily menu with avocado (copper strengthens hair lipids), pumpkin seeds (zinc boosts production of keratin), whole grain cereal (rich in iron), and almonds (great source of biotin). These are some of the many healthy ingredients that can boost your hair volume, and they are also healthy for your whole body. If you’re having difficulties to change your eating habits, you can always turn to various hair supplements. Also, make sure you stay hydrated. The lack of water can negatively affect your scalp and hair, and may even cause hair loss. Drink lots of liquids as they help with transporting nutrients and removing waste from the organism.

Change Your Part


Changing your part can do wonders for the way your hair looks. You are probably used to wearing it in the center or some other particular place, so your hair naturally falls to that side. That is where your hair flattens. The solution? Flip it to the other side! This creates instant fullness as your roots get lifted. The side sweep is rather popular, especially with medium length hair and messy, shaggy looks. It’s guaranteed to give you more volume and possibly an edgier look. For a more dramatic look, you can even flip your whole hair to one side and braid it or curl it.

Pick a Good Cut and Blow Dry Your Hair Properly


You’ll be amazed what a good haircut can do. Some of the great hairstyles that add volume to your hair are angled lob, strategically put layers, and messy bobs. It’s well known that curls and waves make your hair look fuller too, so it’s best to consult your hairdresser on what would suit your face shape the best. Consider highlights to bring the illusion of thickness.

Master the technique of blow drying for extra volume: determine the way your hair lays flat and then go against the grain. Use hair mousse for long-lasting results.

Go for Extensions


Hair extensions are an obvious choice if you want amazingly thick, natural looking hair in under half an hour. Today’s most popular choice are taped extensions as they are wallet-friendly, reusable, lightweight, and easy to wear. Natural hair extensions are easy to maintain, they come in different colors and textures. Whether you plan on going to the hairdresser or taping the hair yourself, it’s important to tease the roots afore to camouflage the extensions. It’s an effective semi-permanent way to achieve a fuller, red-carpet hairstyle.

There’s hardly anything so eye-catching and alluring as healthy hair with volume. Make sure to nurture your hair both from the inside and outside, and follow our tips for stunning, voluminous look in under minutes!