January 18, 2019

Quick Hairstyles for Special Holiday Occasions

When festive mood kicks in, all we think about is savoring some nice food and drinks, spending time without loved ones, winding down, and having fun. But also, during the holiday season – we all want to look our best. Hair is an important piece of the puzzle here. Good news is, you don’t have to spend hours on styling it. Here are a few quick hairstyles that are chic, elegant, and eye-catching.

The French Twist


The French twist is one of the many easy hair hacks that contribute to the classiness of your overall look. We’ve seen it on red carpet dozens of times: from Emma Stone and Kate Winslet to Christina Applegate and Megan Fox. Here’s the simplest way to make this hairdo: comb all of you hair to one side, use pins to hold your hair in place, apply hairspray, and twist your hair up. Then tuck your ends into the tunnel created by the twist and secure with pins. If you wish for a more casual look, don’t tighten the hair too hard. Leave a few strands of hair hanging freely. Add a bit more hairspray to keep it together.

Fishtail With a Side Part


A fishtail braid is another simple-to-make style that looks stunning, and the side part gives it a different twist. It will look particularly lovely if you have some highlights: different colors will stand out as strands intertwine. Making a braid is not hard and don’t worry if it ends up looking a bit messy – that’s part of its charm. To make it more festive, use shiny hair ornaments or one statement ear cuff that goes across your earlobe. You may even add a bit of glitter to one hair strand or two.

Poofy Ponytail


When it comes to hair, there’s nothing quite as glamorous as volume. For all of you lazy girls out there, the poofy ponytail is the perfect solution. Start by combing your hair. Depending on your hair texture, you may want to curl it a bit and spray it with volumizing spray – to make it easier to style. Now to the most important part: tease your hair at the top of the hair, always from the back side. Pull the teased part gently towards your face and tie the rest of your hair into a ponytail. Then attach the teased part to the back, without seeking it down to hard. Apply more hairspray to keep it in place.

Messy Top Knot


If you hate the thought of wasting too much time on styling, the messy top knot is your go-to hairstyle that literally takes seconds to make. Simply tie your hair into a high ponytail, but on the last loop of your elastic band – leave the ends out. Use your fingers to make the bun a bit messy and secure the loose ends with a few pins. Pull out a few hair strands from the front to create a cute look. The hair strands will nicely frame your face. If you wish, you may even take a bit wider strands and curl them for a dash of glamour. Put on dangles earrings and dazzle everyone effortlessly!

Beach Waves


Is your hair naturally a bit unruly or wavy? Make the most of it. You can air dry it after nurturing it with hydration masks or even sleep with damp hair overnight. Use a curling iron to give more definition to just a few hair strands. The key is to take random three-inch sections and twirl one away from your face, and one towards it. Remember: you don’t want it to look perfect. Embrace the chaotic, sexy look! Beach waves have become the synonym for a low-maintenance hairstyle that always looks captivating. Invest in a quality sea-salt spray to give your hair proper texture and let it do its thing.

As you can see, awesome results can indeed be achieved with minimum effort. Choose the best style while taking in mind the type and length of your hair, and you’ll achieve the ultimate “je ne sais quoi” look that will definitely turn some heads.