September 20, 2019

Fabulous friends, fabulous gifts

They planned your bachelorette party, brought you soup when you were sick, baby-sat your kids, rescued you from a bad date and jump-started your car when you got stuck. Thank the remarkable friends in your life with a unique, personal gift.

A rosewood Jewish Chess Set ($133), handcrafted in Israel, is the ideal gift for the strategist in your life.  An ancient Jewish symbol is carved on each wooden piece, and the set comes on an elegant faux marble board.

For your friend the fashionista, a Silk Paper Collage Belt ($80) by Israeli designer Iris Braunstein Shemesh (Iris Designs) adds color and style to any outfit. Buckles are made of brass and adorned with gold-plated beaded chaining and jewels, and come with leather belts.

Sabra Chocolate Orange Liqueur ($36), as the name implies, is a native-born Israeli liqueur that combines the flavors of bittersweet chocolate and sweet-and-sour Jaffa oranges in a genie-shaped bottle. Enjoy a sweet shot with your fave pal. 750 milliliters. or retail locations

The Beauty Set ($149) by Micabella Cosmetics, a Chatsworth-based Israeli-owned company, is sure to make a dear friend radiate with beauty. Made of pure mica and crushed minerals, the set includes a lightweight foundation, blush, three shimmering eye shadows, a foundation brush and an angled fluff brush.

Show your BFF your dedication with the words that Ruth said to Naomi. Give her a sterling silver “Where you go, I will go” Necklace ($150) by Marla Wallerstein. She’ll take you with her wherever she goes.