February 22, 2020

Shopping: Everything old is new

1. Bust open your box of vinyl and give the CROSLEY COLLEGIATE TURNTABLE ($149.95) a spin. This three-speed, vintage-style record player comes with a modern upgrade: a USB port that can turn your analog records into digital recordings. It’s also outfitted with dynamic full-range stereo speakers and a headphone jack. crosleyradio.com

2. Take a break from your coloring books and unwind with the ORIGINAL CLASSIC COLORFORMS SET ($39.95). Peel and place vinyl shapes in abstract designs or fanciful city scenes as part of some solo de-stressing, or share a day of designing with a grandchild. barnesandnoble.com

3. Movie night isn’t complete without hot, buttered popcorn. Hark back to the good old days when you tossed kernels in a WHIRLEY POP STOVETOP POPCORN POPPER ($21.99) and turned the wooden handle in anticipation of too-hot-to-touch popcorn puffs. The popper comes with your choice of gears and movie theater-style kernels. whirleypopshop.com

4. Put down your smartphone and revisit the excitement of the original instant-gratification camera with the ONE SWITCH POLAROID SPECTRA ($99). The wide-format instant camera with flash is perfect for photography newbies and veterans alike. Kids will find the developing film magical, while boomers will remember the beautiful spontaneity of posing for Polaroid pictures. us.impossible-project.com

5. Comfortably ride around town with the cherry-red and bright white WOMEN’S COLUMBIA 1952 BEACH CRUISER BICYCLE ($179.99) replica. Outfitted with a cushy saddle, embossed hand grips, fat tires, a steel rear cargo rack and coaster-style brakes, this bike is as admirable a vehicle for running errands as it is for transporting picnic supplies to your favorite haunt. toysrus.com