May 19, 2019

How David Michigan Turned his Passion for Fitness Into a Social Media Magnet

Very few people can crack the code of life, and David Michigan is one of them, boasting more than 4 million followers combined on his social media accounts like Instagram. This guy has truly taken success to a whole new level.

This is not to say that David Michigan, worldwide actor, gained his fame by simply participating on social media platforms because Michigan earned this fame a little differently.

The Power of Motivation


Michigan has always been a believer in people. Perhaps this is the reason his passion for fitness translated so easily into his conversations. These pep talks started as nothing more than that but soon gave way to speeches that he has shared with thousands of people.

This social media giant started talking about his own experience as a fitness enthusiast. Most professional speakers would admit that the best way to talk to others is to draw from personal experience. Michigan has always loved fitness and embraced all steps that could lead one to his or her personal fitness goals. He understood that it was the power of four basic techniques that allowed him to reach his own fitness goals, which is part of the reason this motivator wanted to teach others.

The basic techniques include visualization, relaxation, affirmation, and modeling. At first, this was something he used for himself, but it did not take long for Michigan to realize that people could benefit from his wisdom. Some of the posted images on Instagram shine a light on these techniques, which is probably why many have flocked to his social media page.

His Teachings are Infectious


The four pillars of Michigan’s teachings mentioned earlier are a big reason many have found the motivation needed to reach their fitness goals. People love that and share his posts all the time.

It should be noted that Michigan does not only focus on his techniques because he also shares his knowledge on nutrition, which is a big part of any fitness plan. Many people are now aware of how important nutrition is to health, so they are open to this motivator’s dietary suggestions, but he takes it a bit further.

This Instagram fitness enthusiast not only tells his fans what is good about nutrition but shows them its power through various photographs. Many can see that Michigan’s own physique is quite impressive. He shows his positive attitude through his social media interaction, proving that food can lift the spirits. Many stories shared on social media platforms detail how active he is, proving that nutrition can give people that extra boost of energy to do the things they’ve always wanted to do.

The techniques that Michigan teachers through seminars and media platforms start with the listener’s goal. A person attempting to reach a fitness goal has to commit that goal to memory, which does not seem like a significant step, but it is. The next thing this enthusiast insists on is relaxing. Making sure that those hoping to reach their fitness goals starts with a clear mind, which helps nurture patience and perseverance.

Michigan instructs his followers to relax with their eyes shut, which leads to a form of deep relaxation. This type of relaxation puts people in a state that leaves the mind open to Michigan’s favorite step: affirmation.

Here, the person is meant to repeat that fitness goal that seems so distant, and it needs to be repeated a number of times. This is a form of self-hypnosis, and it allows the trainees to truly commit to their fitness goals on a subconscious level. Michigan is a big believer in the power of the mind, evident all over his social media accounts.

Waking from this self-hypnosis session is as easy as counting from one to five slowly while taking deep breaths. The exercise needs to be done once a day in order to be as effective as it can be.

There is no doubt that Michigan’s motivational speeches and his passion for fitness have gotten him far in the social media world, but his fame has reached beyond the Internet. For example, he probably would not be the worldwide model and actor he is now if it was not for some of his theories on people’s innate power to reach their fitness goals.

To add to his success, he was interviewed by Muscle & Fitness and Men’s Fitness. Michigan has also been given the opportunity to be a special guest at Miss Tattoo France and Miss Tattoo World. Both of these are prestigious events that are quite excited to have Michigan’s help to promote positive body image and acceptance. It is easy to see why Instagram’s users have found Michigan’s page and character irresistible.