November 20, 2018

Get Hired: How To Land Your Dream Job in 2018

Job hunting is as stressful as it is exciting. But the competition is fierce. Did you know there’s an average of 250 CVs received for every open job position? Of course, this doesn’t mean you should give up before you even begin. You need to work on your personal brand and take in mind some of the effective ways of standing out from the crowd. Not being proactive is not your option, especially not in 2018.

Your Resume is Crucial


HR officers are extremely busy. According to The Ladders, they spend an average of 6 seconds on a single resume before they make a decision of whether or not the candidate is worth interviewing. Making a good first impression is important and contrary to what many may think – it doesn’t happen when you first meet the employer. Your resume is that first encounter. It’s a showcase of your previous professional experience that speaks on your behalf. Pointing out your main accomplishments is advisable, as well as providing the HR recruiters with scannable content. You need to find a way to hook their attention. In case you’re not positive how to do that, get a professional to fix your resume and differentiate your CV from hundreds of others.

Be Mindful About How You Behave Online


Most of us use social media for entertainment and we don’t really take much thought into the digital footprint we leave behind. However, in case you post inappropriate content or show discriminatory behavior through comments related to race, gender, or religion – you might be labeled as a non-suitable candidate. Yes, social media screening is a thing: according to the CareerBuilder, 70% of employers snoop around candidate’s’ social media profiles in an attempt to assess if they would be a good fit for the company. When posting and interacting online, you reveal more about yourself than you probably assume. For instance, posting too frequently means you’re too irrational about how you spend your free time, while the way you comment can tell a lot about your communication skills.

Be Willing to Go an Extra Mile


When the competition is harsh, the only way to get ahead is by showing ambition and going an extra mile. With dozens of free website builders, basically anyone can build their own website and show expertise through blogging – but not everyone does. There are tons of opportunities to learn online (especially through free online courses), but not many choose to take advantage of these free or low-cost resources. Constantly working on your personal and professional development is a huge plus in the eyes of your potential employer.

Invest Your Time in Networking


While browsing through job ads is still the most frequent way of searching for a job, you should never underestimate the power of networking. Think of it like this: every single thing you say or do could get you hired. Mingle around events such as conferences, meetups, and seminars so to get an opportunity to exchange a few words with decision makers. Try building authority in your industry. Also, don’t be afraid to show initiative. Send your CV to companies even if they don’t have an open position. Suggest how you can make their businesses better. Market yourself, for no one will do it for you.

Going an extra mile can mean a difference between getting hired and getting bummed up once again for not being chosen “as there were more preferable candidates” who applied. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be one step closer to landing your dream job in 2018.