February 22, 2020

Eliminating Israel ETH STD 198 at UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley, through the DeCal student teaching program and the Department of Ethnic Studies, offers “>CA Education Code Section 66450-66452, the only prohibition on recording a lecture is for commercial purposes. The code reads, “ “Commercial purpose” means any purpose that has financial or economic gain as an objective.” Recordings for personal use, for the purpose of analyzing the veracity of the material presented, or to post online for the world to see what is being taught at Cal — totally permitted.

Organized opposition to Israel on campus and a Jewish right to live in the land of Israel under their own jurisdiction are now part of the campus climate across the world. We can counteract that at Cal — and elsewhere — by generously supporting Jewish life and Israel programming with donations to Jewish orgs on campus.

We can also ensure that those who want to demonize and delegitimize Israel are fully exposed to the campus and world as lousy scholars who are cloaking their racism in academic pajamas.

Palestine: A Settler Colonial Analysis
2011 VLSB
Tu 6p-7:30p
University of California, Berkeley Fall 2016
Course Facilitator: Paul Hadweh
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Hatem Bazian

The course falls under Ethnic Studies, ETH STD 198, which is Supervised Group Study and earns 1 credit. This program is offered through