November 20, 2018

Iranian Radical Cleric Taeb blames the Jews for ISIS and current Middle East conflict

The Iranian regime’s propaganda wing, leaders and other such radical Islamic thugs go to great lengths during the course of each year to painstakingly avoid using the words “Jews” or “Jewish” when they speak to spew their hatred of Jews or the Jewish state of Israel at public rallies, political gatherings or appearances on state-run news media outlets in Iran. When they wish to spew their anti-Semitic garbage in a public forum in Iran they specifically avoid using the words “Jews” or “Jewish” because  many of them fear the international media or foreign government officials may castigate them or show them in a negative light for being anti-Semitic. Instead these Iranian regime officials and leaders will instead typically use the words “Israel”, “Zionist regime”, “Zionism” to express their anti-Semitic rage and supposedly get away from being branded as Jew haters. Often times you will have apologists for the Iranian regime from groups such as NIAC and even Iranian officials such as Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif go on Western news media outlets and make claims that their real hatred or beef is directed towards Israel and not the Jews.  Of course many Iranian American Jews such as myself know very well that the Iranian regime’s leaders expressing their hatred and calls for Israel’s destruction are just another form of anti-Semitism. While the regime may be fooling themselves and others around the world with claims of “loving the Jews while hating Israel”, we all know better and can clearly see their uncontrolled vile anti-Semitism.

Yet every so often one Iranian regime leader or erratic regime cleric who is just too enraged with Jew hatred to control themselves and may let something  clearly anti-Semitic slip out by scapegoating the Jews. And sometimes the regime’s propaganda wing may be unable to stop such a message from getting out into the free world. This was the case recently when the Iranian regime’s Hojat al-Islam Ayatollah Mehdi Taeb made the following Farsi language attacks on Jews in a TV program broadcasted on the Iranian regime’s state-run media outlet…



For those of you who do not understand Farsi as I do, the following is a complete translation of Taeb’s anti-Semitic statement in this video;

“A Jewish rabbi in a Jewish synagogue is making a speech to the congregation saying ‘we must do something so they (Muslims) cannot bring their Imam Zaman. They (Muslims) want to bring their Imam Zaman. If they do bring their Iman Zaman, he will destroy us. We (Jews) must do something to prevent this from happening. We (Jews) have created conflict in the region so that they (Muslims) will be pre-occupied with this conflict and chaos. We (Jews) have created business or money-making schemes and sports, so they (Muslims) will be pre-occupied with these things. We (Jews) must do something so they (Muslims) will become criminals and fight among themselves’. They (Jews) have created things like ISIS so they can keep us pre-occupied and prevent the arrival of Imam Zaman. These are the words of a Jewish rabbi”.


For those unaware of Taeb, he the head of the “Ammar Strategic think tank”, an organization established by the Iranian Supreme leader Khamenei to fight the “soft war” against the Iranian regime. Interestingly enough, the “Imam Zaman” Taeb is referring to in this tirade is the equivalent of the Shiite Islamic messiah who many Shiite Muslims believe will usher in a new era of Islam spread through the world and the “infidels” will be destroyed for not believing in the faith.  In this video clip, Taeb blames the Jews for preventing the arrival of the Islamic Messiah by claiming they are trying to keep Muslims in the region preoccupied with wars, business and sports! This deep rooted almost violent hatred of Jews is nothing new from an Iranian ayatollah as they always enjoy scapegoating the Jews or Israel for all of their societal problems and for the world’s problems. This is just one instance where we are able to see their anti-Semitism through a direct Iranian regime media outlet unfiltered. The disgusting words of Taeb and other radical Iranian regime leaders in Farsi must be translated for the world to discover the very real anti-Semitic nature of this regime. Contrary to what the regime’s leaders may say in English to news media outlets in the West, the Iranian regime’s angry hatred for Jews has not gone away but disturbingly blossomed.

When we continue to see video clips such as these from the Iranian regime’s leadership we must call out Obama administration officials like John Kerry and those in the U.S. State Department who try to feed us lies that the regime in Iran has suddenly become more “moderate” and willing to work with the West. Nothing could be further from the truth! For us to close our eyes and deny the very real anti-Semitic nature the Iranian regime is dangerous and naïve. The world must do everything in its power to stop this form of Jew hatred spewing from Iran, otherwise it will spread like a cancer to the rest of the planet.