December 16, 2018

Shopping: Tap into your youth

Sixty may be the new 40, but many boomers may feel even younger. Good thing there’s an array of DIY projects, crafts and tech toys that will take adults back to the pursuits of their youth — now that they have the time to fully enjoy them.

Forget about the cheap stuff you drank when you were in college. Make your own quality beer with the WEST COAST STYLE IPA BEER BREWING KIT ($45). The kit comes with everything needed to make one gallon of beer. The finished product should be hoppy (bitter), citrusy and floral.

Coloring books aren’t just for kids anymore. Print out each of the 16 patterns in the MAUINDIARTS HAMSA COLOURING E-BOOK ($7.55) and color yourself zen as you create intricate, Technicolor pieces of art.

Rediscover the whimsy of your youth — and your inner artist — with the 3D PRINTING PEN ($99.95). The pen extrudes heated, colored plastic (provided) that dries in seconds to create three-dimensional sculptures. There are downloadable designs available to trace and “build” or you can let your imagination run wild.

Make believe again with the FAIRY GARDEN METAL STAKE ($6.99). Perfect for your home or garden, this little, brightly colored “door” adds charm at the base of any tree or nested next to your own house.

Longing to watch “Saturday Night Fever” again on the big screen? Transform any room into a movie theater with the SMARTPHONE PROJECTOR ($44.99). This cardboard projector with a glass lens enables you to show your favorite Netflix flicks or home movies on any smooth, white, flat surface.