December 14, 2018

Video Webcast: Iranian American California Assembly member Nazarian on No Ruz celebration

Late last month more nearly 60 Iranian American activists, business people and community leaders gathered at the California State Legislature in Sacramento for the passage of a bill honoring the Persian New Year of “No Ruz”. The bill was sponsored by state Assembly member Adrin Nazarian, representing the 46th District, recognizing No Ruz for the third year in a row at the Sacramento legislature. The event was a unique gathering of Iranian Jews, Christians and Muslims from across California to celebrate the secular Persian New Year at the state capital in a sign of friendship. Nazarian, who is not Jewish but of Armenian background, said he wanted to shed light on the significant contributions of Iranian-Americans to the state.

As the first Assembly member born in Iran, Nazarian brings new hope to Iranian Americans to have their voices heard in the community and in the political realm. His message of hope, inclusion and co-existance is something unique the Iranian American community in California and the U.S. share with one another today. He has helped build bridges between various communities in Southern California, including the Iranian American community.

I recently caught up with Nazarian after the No Ruz celebrations in Sacramento at his Van Nuys district office to chat about his goals of honoring the Persian New Year and encouraging Iranian Americans to get politically involved. The following are brief segments of our conversation…