October 22, 2019

To judge or not to judge.

Is that judgmental? Is that bad? It seems to Auntie that oftentimes, people throw out their divinely given gut reactions and opt “not to judge” –ever. And yes, Auntie believes that the vapidness of a complete lack of opinion is something of a problem. If you do not judge, how do you know good from bad? Nice from unkind? Funny jokes from those that land with a thud? Obviously, you don’t.

Of course Auntie has a Helpful Hint about all that judgementaly stuff:

#456: Auntie may often judge quickly, but sometimes she does not judge quickly enough.

Now here’s a bit of advice—in order to survive, we all need to make choices and with each of those choices, we need to use a combination of our brains and guts. Many dear souls seem to have stopped trusting their instincts and are letting others do the choosing for them. We all know that if you are doing that, you aren’t doing your job—you are just a lemming or a sheep.

Yes, it can be scary disagreeing with your friends—but if these dear souls are really your friends, shouldn’t they stop being so judgmental? Polite dissent used to always be welcomed from those in the smart set. Isn’t that what the round table of yore was all about?

Is Auntie being judgmental? You decide.

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