September 18, 2019

The Inane Race for Moral Equivalency

This summer, it was the murder of the three teenagers standing at a bus stop. In the past few weeks, it was the use of a car as a murder weapon that left a three month old baby dead, as well as a young woman on her way to becoming a convert to Judaism. There were other deadly incidents as well. 

Then, at the same location as the murder of the three boys, came the murder of a 26 year old South African woman.

This week, it was the four rabbis praying in a synagogue and the Druze policeman who heroically gave his life to save other Jews from being murdered. 

Too many articles written in response to these events have minimized blaming Arabs, Palestinians, PA, Fatah and Hamas, and have aimed to bring “balance” to their articles by citing the very rare cases of Jews killing Arabs. 

Unfortunately, there was the Israeli thug gang’s killing of the Arab boy after the three Jewish teenagers were found to have been killed.  That was used time and time again by the media and the Left to show that Jews are just like the Arabs who randomly murder and destroy. 

Now, with the four rabbis, I just read an article that compared that horrific terrorist event to Baruch Goldstein's rampage in Hebron in1991 and Deir Yassin, in 1948, which was located in the Har Nof area.

Writers who race to state and publish a “moral equivalency” following an Arab terror attack typically act with profound blindness and appear to live and think in a moral fog. It is befuddling that these writers ignore the Arab culture of incitement and the mass Arab communitywide gratitude expressed to every Arab who successfully murders Jews.

It is mind boggling that the common practice on the Arab street of passing out candy the moment Jews are murdered (as well as the repeated public praise from top Arab political leaders) goes completely unnoticed by such writers. 

These writers give moral silence to the fact that the successful Arab terrorist will bring endless honor and wealth to his or her family along with city streets and schools named to mark and establish their “heroic” legacy. Writers are silent, depsite these glaring points, as if public incitement and the teaching of hate are completely invisible.  

It is repulsive that groups including CNN, The Guardian, The Telegraph, NY Times and LA Times, and many other media organizations and writers aggressively work to hide and cover up evil when committed in the Arab world and then glorify a tragic event with repeated news coverage if the negative event can be blamed on a Jew or on Israel.  

Writers will search far and wide to find a Jew who will express hateful feelings to an Arab. Once found, that single individual will be used to show that there is no difference between Jews and Arabs expressing hate for the other.

It is often pointed out that evil is not recognized in liberal and leftist thinking and when evil acts blatantly occur, they have to be justified and diminished, to create an equal playing field based on moral equivalency.

Therefore, no matter what Arab terrorist attack is done against Israel and the Jewish people, no matter how horrendous and horrific it is, “immoral” moral equivalency including occupation claims and 'defiling the Temple Mount' claims, will quickly be used to justify the attack. This technique is meant to remove and squash any dimension or consideration of evil for acts of terror against Israel and Jews.

The Arab community praising the savage murder of the four rabbis has no moral equivalency to Baruch Goldstein or Deir Yassin.

The widely praised horrific kidnapping and murder of the three Jewish boys has no moral equivalency to the insanity and evil act of murder done to the Arab child.

Those who scream “moral equivalency” are really screaming “moral blindness” and call out for the suffocation and destruction of basic life values and a total erosion of any form of moral judgment. 

To prevent living in a world that continually gets away with preaching immoral moral equivalency, people who understand this crime of the media must strongly voice the truth and not let any vendor of false moral equivalency go unscathed without receiving an avalanche of moral indignation.

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