November 16, 2018

Why I stay in Israel

Someone asked me why I stay in Israel when I could easily go back to the comfortable haven that is LA.

I stay here because I'm fighting for my values, and I'm fighting for what's right, and if Jews can't be here, no one who loves human freedom and morality will be safe.

I am on the front lines. Yes, it would be easy to go back to LA (if I could find a flight), but my life would feel empty there. My heart is not there.

I am prepared to die for what I believe in.

Furthermore, America is lost to me. It isn't what it once was. It once stood for a moral ideal. I don't like everything the Israel government does, but it is way more moral than the Obama administration which seeks to take away American freedoms, prop-up Islamo-fascism, and harm Israel. (Granting weapons to extremist Qatar this week is only a small example.)

I still think, after Israel survives this, it will grow stronger. I think Israel must embrace an expansionist philosophy to survive and spread its light to the world and especially the region. It will take work to make Israel's moral character more global, rather than strictly “Jewish,” and to create systems that could help transform hateful Arab/Muslim societies, but Israel is the world's only hope right now.

The IDF is holding the world on its shoulders. May God grant them invincibility from the hate and from the fire. With all its flaws, God bless Israel.

I'm proud to be in one of the most hated countries in the world. It means I'm doing something good.

Here is a video invitaiton to join us, at our highest point: Zion, Jerusalem.